10/13/2021 – Jay Lobosco v. New York University, et. al.

Mr. Lobosco, a union electrician asserting claims for personal injuries, alleged to have slipped on carpet adhesive applied to the floor of the NYU library by defendant John Knopf Flooring, Inc., during construction and renovation of the premises. We defended NYU and Architectural Flooring Resource Incorporated, the prime flooring contractor, against plaintiff’s claims asserted under Labor Law ¬241(6) and Labor Law 200. After completing discovery, Anthony Buono, successfully moved for summary judgment, achieving dismissal of all claims against NYU and Architectural Flooring Resource Incorporated. The Court credited our argument that the carpet adhesive intentionally applied to the floor during the carpet installation process was not a foreign substance prohibited by the Industrial Code, but rather, was a natural by-product of the task that was integral to the ongoing construction work.