Employment Law - CMM Attorneys | Camacho Mauro


Camacho Mauro, LLP has a broad range of experience in the labor and employment area. Our attorneys represent clients in federal and state actions and before federal, state and local equal employment opportunity agencies. We defend employers against allegations arising under:

  • Title VII;
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act;
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act;
  • The Equal Pay Act, as amended;
  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978;
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act;
  • Sections 1981 and 1983 of the Civil Rights Act of 1966;
  • New York Human Rights Law; and
  • New Jersey Law Against Discrimination.
  • Defamation and Libel.

Camacho Mauro, LLP also has experience representing public sector employers including cities, towns, villages and local school boards in all areas of employment law.

In order to avoid costly litigation, the attorneys of Camacho Mauro, LLP work closely with our clients in order to develop effective employment strategies. We counsel clients on planning and preventative measures for reducing the risk of employment litigation including the evaluation of employment policies and procedures, handbooks, applications, job evaluation forms and employment contracts. We also provide training programs in all areas of employment law.