The attorneys at Camacho Mauro Mulholland, LLP have represented numerous entities in the construction field, from the owners of large commercial spaces to general contractors and small subcontractors to product manufacturers and small homeowners. We stay abreast of all developments within the industry and offer our clients seminars on the best way to address construction related claims and suits.

Construction litigation addresses many areas of law, including general premises liability, OSHA regulations, state and city rules and regulations, contract law, insurance coverage, environmental law and products liability. All of our attorneys have extensive experience in handling these matters through trial and, when necessary, through the appellate process. Our experience in construction matters includes:

  • Personal injury occurring on construction sites, including New York Labor Law;
  • Property damage arising out of construction;
  • Insurance coverage issues relating to construction;
  • Contractual issues arising out of construction;
  • Professional Liability related to construction and construction litigation; and
  • Environmental issues arising out of construction.

We take an aggressive approach to every aspect of a case from discovery through trial. We have relationships with outside consultants including engineers, economists, doctors and vocational rehabilitation experts with whom we have worked in the past to achieve favorable results for our mutual clients. Working closely with our experts enables us to develop and execute common-sense legal strategies crafted to meet the challenges of each individual case. This approach sends a message to all adversaries that our clients are well represented by a firm committed to success and that is ready, willing and able to vigorously litigate if necessary.