Verdict–Queens County

Paulino v. BBT International
This was a damages only trial. Plaintiff, Ana Paulino, was struck by the insured’s van in a cross walk. She suffered a fracture of the left lateral proximal tibial plateau. In addition, a comminuted displaced fracture of the proximal shaft of the left tibia and fractures of the left fibular and lateral plateau. Plaintiff underwent open reduction and internal fixation. She remained in the hospital for over two weeks. Prior to trial plaintiff’s counsel, Trolman, Glaser and Lichtman, demanded $750,000. BBT International offered $350,000. At trial, plaintiff’s doctor alleged that plaintiff suffered from a permanent injury that would likely result in a knee replacement. Plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury for over 3 million dollars. Andrea Sacco Camacho argued that plaintiff successfully recovered from her injuries. After a two week trial, the jury agreed with Ms. Camacho and awarded plaintiff $100,000.