Defense Verdict–Ocean County Superior Court

Lomboy v. Atlantic City Showboat Inc.
Christopher C. Mauro recently secured a defense verdict in Ocean County Superior Court. In Lomboy v. Atlantic City Showboat Inc., the plaintiff slipped and fell due to snow and ice on the sidewalk leading to the Pacific Avenue entrance to the casino. Plaintiff alleged that her accident was the result of the negligence of Showboat in not properly removing the snow and ice after a storm that took place two to three days prior to the accident. Significantly, plaintiff produced a photograph taken the night of the accident by her boyfriend that showed ice in the area where she fell. As a result of the fall, plaintiff suffered a wrist fracture and carpal tunnel syndrome. She intimately underwent a surgery for carpal tunnel release. Christopher successfully argued that Showboat did everything reasonable under the circumstances as they had snow and ice removal procedures in place and had log books to show that their removal efforts were carried out prior to the plaintiff’s accident. He also argued that plaintiff’s own photographs showed an area which was adequate for her to walk through to get the main entrance. After a two day trial, the jury unanimously returned a verdict in the defendant’s favor.