Defense Verdict- Bergen County Superior Court

Corrizzo v. Harrah’s Casino
In Corrizzo, the elderly plaintiff alleged that she slipped and fell due to a wet floor in the bathroom. Her son, who was brought to the scene by security, claimed he saw an employee with a mop and bucket. Thus, at trial plaintiff alleged that the floor had just been mopped and that there were no wet floor signs in place nor was the bathroom closed down. As a result of her fall, plaintiff sustained a fractured hip requiring surgery and inpatient rehabilitation. There was a substantial Medicare lien.

At trial, Christopher Mauro argued that the floor was not wet and had not been mopped. He pointed to the fact that plaintiff was using a walker on the day of the incident and told the security investigator that she just lost her balance. Moreover, the Harrah’s investigator testified that he did not recall a worker in the bathroom when he investigated the accident.

After a three day trial before Judge Robert Wilson, the jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of Harrah’s.